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Every 👨 founder and product manager eventually asks:

  • Why aren't new users converting to paying customers?
  • Why can't customers figure out how to use it?
  • Why do customers struggle to complete simple tasks?
  • Why do we spend so much time fixing features post release?

If you're too close to the product, you miss it's ❌ flaws.

Stop guessing at what’s wrong! Your guesses are biased because you’re stuck in the weeds.

You need a fresh set of eyes to help you see the crucial design flaws.

Why get a UI audit?


Increase conversions with UI/UX best practices.


Boost revenue and create positive user experience.


Receive guidance on visual style, colour, and typography.


Increase product success with a solid UX strategy.


Uncover critical usability weaknesses.


Identify quick wins to improve UX and UI immediately.

What my customers say about me 🗣️

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"Simon's UI/UX work is top notch and it’s relieving to have a partner that makes my life easier when building new features and experiences for the products we’re working on."
Trevor Hatfield
Co-founder, Taggg
"In addition to working out and refactoring existing features, Simon also helped us, bring new features to light. Our clients have indicated that everything we show from Simon is preferred over what we have today."
Aaron Shrensel
Product, Broker Buddha
"We launched our new design several months ago and have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our users. This has resulted in a significant increase in revenue, a key metric for our SaaS business"
Rick van Hassteren
Owner, Site Guru
"We've not only gained competitive advantage but also increased customer satisfaction which started to pay off commercially by upselling through existing clients and converting new ones."
Onur Özen
CEO, RealTyme

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What's included a UI Audit?

  • Actionable recommendations to improve key screens.
  • Visual examples and annotations to resolve critical UI/UX design issues.
  • Suggestions to optimise flows and reduce friction.
  • Quick and simple usability fixes.
  • Post audit Q&A call to ensure nothing gets lost in translation.


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