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I help tech startups with limited resources design better digital products.

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If you're a startup, it's likely your resources are sparse, be it time, budget or your team. Navigating these challenges is crucial to your long-term success.

You need an ally you can trust to deliver, and preferably one that isn't going to increase your burn rate.

“We were in the process of redeveloping our existing products and the work produced by Simon was above and beyond what we expected. We’d be happy to recommend Simon and are looking forward to working together again in the future.”

— April Boulton, Marketing Manager at Clik

“I found Simon to be diligent, user focused and resilient in a classic startup environment where discovery and delivery were very much happening at the same time. He was very thorough when it came to understanding and meeting the business objectives.”

— Lily Smith, Product Manager at Aitekz Finance

How can I help?

I'm an experienced digital product design consultant that provides a range of services designed to support and empower your startup.

From quick prototyping to detailed design systems. Expert an agile approach to help you move fast, learn from the market and continuously iterate.

Learn About My Services

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Here’s an example of how I helped Clik Jobs.

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Learn about my thinking on all aspects of modern UI, UX, and how startups can take advantage.


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