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I help early-stage SaaS companies turn more trial users into customers through better UX and design.
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How will You Create a Product People Can Actually Use?

Design isn't a priority for most early-stage SaaS companies, therefore many of them lack the expertise they desperately need.

But does the customer have to suffer too?

So, Who's Going To Fix Your Product?

Finding the right person within your current team is an ongoing challenge.


Creates innovative products but doesn't have the time to design.


Provide great technical solutions but don't have the expertise to design.

Who has the UX experience?
Who knows how to design user interfaces?
Where is the product designer?

Chances are, there isn't one!

How Much Is Bad UX Costing Your Business?

This means you've built a product that's overwhelming and difficult for customers to use. As a result, you're struggling to onboard new users.

Bad UX leads to an increase in customer churn.

What If You Could Rely On An Expert To Guide You?

Someone who specialises in working with SaaS companies and has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to design great products.

Someone who can help you get the best results, and fast.

Someone Who's Trusted By Many Other Tech Companies

If So, I Can Help You

I help early-stage SaaS companies turn more trial users into customers through better UX and design.

Here's How I Do It


We start by understanding your business and reviewing your current product. This enables us to put together an actionable plan.


We then focus on the areas that deliver the most effective results. Expect close collaboration with your team throughout the design process.


The result is a simple and intuitive new product your customers will love, boosting activations and trial-to-paid conversions.

Join Other Successful SaaS Companies

“Simon was very thorough when it came to understanding and meeting the business objectives”

— Lily Smith, Product Manager at Aitekz Finance

“Simon communicated clearly and had great ideas whilst working effectively within the constraints of the brief.”

— Simon Evans, Product Manager at Preoday

Sound Good? There's One Small Catch

Due to the demands of each project, I can only work with a maximum of 2 SaaS companies each month.

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Let's schedule a consultation before someone else does. We can start by discussing your SaaS product and I can recommend the best route forward.

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