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Trevor Hatfield
"I started my career as a front-end developer and know how hard it is to find a designer that is not only creative and detail oriented but also understands the importance of the research behind great product design and is a clear communicator.

Now, as I work on creating new SaaS products with Simon we work through problem solving just as much as the user experience.

His UI/UX work is top notch and it’s relieving to have a partner that makes my life easier when building new features and experiences for the products we’re working on.

If you want a reliable designer for your SaaS product you’ve found the right guy."
Andrew Weston
"Before working with Simon, we had an idea of what we were looking to develop but needed help and support in turning our clunky product into a simple, easy and user-friendly solution for our customers.

A key output from working with him was the creation of an interactive prototype – which enabled us to seek early feedback from our customers, helping them convert prior to engaging our developers. A comprehensive suite of mock-ups made the development work easier as we could always refer back to these.

We really appreciated Simon's flexible approach, he kept things simple – if we were trying to be too ambitious too soon – he would tell us!

He was easy to work with and always kept the end-user front and centre when designing things and sharing his thoughts.

I'd be more than happy to recommend Simon to other SaaS companies because he's easy to work with and has a great understanding of the user experience and what's needed to keep things simple."
Iain Brogan
Map My Health
"Prior to working with Simon, the UX design part of our product development process was chaotic and ad-hoc. Simon, brought a cohesive approach to designing our product, that firmly embedded user experience and usability into the development process. This has meant clearer working with our development teams, better definition of what technical and design aspects will deliver a great user experience and a structured process that has meant managing this phase has been significantly improved. The quality has increased, as has efficiency and effectiveness.

Simon is very approachable, and seeks to understand the client’s requirements, even elucidating requirements we didn’t realise we had! He did this in a collaborative manner, providing just the right amount of expert guidance. A consummate professional.

Simon provided a better understanding of how design impacts UX. He increased the quality of our working processes in a way that has influenced all our projects beyond just the initial one. And introduced tools and workflows that have improved our operational efficiency.

For the reasons cited above, I'd be happy to recommend Simon."
Onur Özen
"Our product had originally been designed to be used within small communities and via controlled, close-circle deployments that are primarily fit for legacy software. One of the biggest challenges we have been having is to scale our product and hence our company by transforming our core product to become more SaaS- and thus user-friendly to reach higher number of users.

We started working with Simon primarily for this purpose; however, our goal was not to create a product from scratch but to transform an existing one, which is a big challenge on its own. Despite these challenges, Simon produced incredibly effective results within a very short amount of time. We not only gained competitive advantage but also increased customer satisfaction which started to pay off commercially by upselling through existing clients and converting new ones.

What is particularly satisfying is the way Simon brings his expertise through industry best practices and make them available for us in a very custom way to fit for our purpose. We greatly benefit from his communication and design skills, as well as his human-centered approach to realize our vision.

I highly recommend working with Simon to create the products that you dream of."
Thomas Young
"Taptrip needed to invest in UX but weren’t sure who to turn to. There were some obvious challenges with our existing product that proved difficult for new customers. We needed to address these concerns and restore clarity with an improved user experience.

The success of our MVP was necessary in order to grow the business. It needed to meet high customer expectations and boost revenue, so we could keep growing.

As soon as we engaged with Simon, there was no looking back. He designed a product that had three elements: simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of use. As well as supporting our junior designer in the team, together, they delivered a product that blew us away!

Working with Simon has been great and I look forward to working with him again (when he actually has some availability!!)."
Lily Smith
Aitekz Finance
"Simon really got under the skin of our business and in doing so, had a major impact on our success going forward.

I found Simon to be diligent, user focused and resilient in a classic startup environment where discovery and delivery were very much happening at the same time. Often we were working remotely and Simon communicated very well with myself and the rest of the team during this time"
James Carter
"Our product was suffering from a number of UX issues, including poor navigation and a disjointed dashboard. This resulted in lots of support requests, which meant onboarding and then training new clients, was taking too long.

Once we'd gone through the process of redesigning our product with Simon, the feedback we received from our clients on the new designs was overwhelmingly positive. And, importantly we were able to speed up onboarding and reduce confusion throughout the entire product. The ROI was obvious and significant for our company.

Simon was always friendly and approachable, taking the lead where necessary and keeping us posted on progress throughout the project. He's very diligent and knowledgeable about UX and even took into account the different scope of our end users. The final deliveries were a comprehensive suite of mobile and desktop design mockups.

We're happy to recommend Simon to other companies in a similar position and look forward to working with him again for the various reasons stated above."
Ruben Guerrero
Jump CX
"Prior to working with Simon our SaaS solution didn't have a comprehensive UI/UX strategy or design. This lead to many wasted development hours, unfriendly and hard to navigate UI, and lots of frustration all around. Simon understood early on our desire to create a UI/UX experience that would draw in our target users and deliver value very quickly, and this is exactly what he delivered.

Simon was able to provide us with a beautiful design and fully interactive prototype. This helped us significantly cut down development hours by providing a single source of truth for our UI and enabled us to seek user feedback much more quickly and efficiently.

Working with Simon has been a pleasure and I would highly recommend him to anyone looking to upgrade the UI/UX experience of their SaaS solution!"
Graham Clark
Inflo Software
"Prior to working with Simon, we were facing difficulties with users who had signed up to the platform activating their accounts successfully, and then quickly understanding the value that our software service could bring.

In his UX audit, Simon identified many improvements in these areas, and presented those back in an easily digestible format. This included relevant examples and even occasionally high level mock-ups of what his suggestion entailed. We envisage these changes will help potential customers move from signing up on our freemium offer to becoming fully paid customers.

Throughout the engagement, Simon was always friendly, approachable and punctual. The quality of his output was very high, and made it very clear that he has both a high level of expertise in UX design for SAAS solutions, but also a true passion for improving the user experience.

I would, and already have, recommended Simon to a colleague for a similar scope of work, and Inflo will hopefully be re-engaging Simon for further work on a new offering we are planning to bring to market later in 2020."
April Boulton
Clik Software
"The products Simon worked on at Clik were very clunky and outdated. There was too much information on the screen and they were far from user-friendly. Simon brought a fresh pair of eyes and was able to substantially improve both the user experience and user interface design. Once launched, both products were very well received by all customers. Users loved the fresh and modern design which was simple and easy to navigate.

Simon opened our eyes to deficiencies in our product design that we had previously not noticed. He's straight to the point, speaks a language you can understand and focused on delivering results.

I'd have no hesitation in working with him again, he knows his stuff."

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