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Read about the impact I've had on some of the most innovative SaaS companies around the world.

“We launched our new design several months ago and have received an overwhelmingly positive response from our users.”

Rick van Hassteren
Owner, Site Guru

“Our clients have indicated that everything we show from Simon is preferred over what we have today.”

Aaron Shrensel
Product, Broker Buddha
"We've not only gained competitive advantage but also increased customer satisfaction which started to pay off commercially by upselling through existing clients and converting new ones."
Onur Özen
CEO, RealTyme
"Thanks Simon, we are very happy with our new design."
Rob Stevenson
Founder, BackupLABS
"Simon helped speed up onboarding and reduce confusion throughout the entire product. The ROI was obvious and significant for our company."
James Carter
CEO, Eintech
"Simon really got under the skin of our business and in doing so, had a major impact on our success going forward."
Lily Smith
CPO, Aitekz Finance
"Simon's recommendations helped potential customers move from signing up to becoming fully paid customers."
Graham Clark
Co-founder, Inflo
"Simon's UI/UX work is top notch and it’s relieving to have a partner that makes my life easier when building new features and experiences for the products we’re working on."
Trevor Hatfield
Co-founder, Taggg
"Prior to working with Simon our SaaS solution didn't have a comprehensive UI/UX strategy or design. This lead to many wasted development hours, unfriendly and hard to navigate UI, and lots of frustration all around."
Ruben Guerrero
CEO, SproutFi
"As soon as we engaged with them, there was no looking back. He designed a product that had three elements: simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of use."
Thomas Young
CEO, Taptrip
"We needed help and support in turning our clunky product into a simple, easy and user-friendly solution for our customers. The improvements he made enabled us to seek early feedback from our customers, helping them convert."
Andrew Weston
MD, i-Procure
"Simon is very talented and he is a pleasure to work with. If you want to work with somebody who understands your aims, objectives and is able to represent them in creative domain, he is your man!"
Iouri Prokhorov
CEO, Helastel
"Simon brought a cohesive approach to designing our product, that firmly embedded user experience into the development process, significantly improving our operational efficiency."
Iain Brogan
CEO, Map My Health
"Simon opened our eyes to deficiencies in our design that we had previously not noticed. He's straight to the point, speaks a language you can understand and focused on delivering results."
April Boulton
Head of Marketing, CliK
“We set out to design a product people love to use on a daily basis and this is exactly what Simon helped us achieve.”
Michael Ramos
CEO, Parqay
“As well as being really easy to work with and a great communicator, Simon brought real creativity and commerciality to the project.”
Simon Evans
Product, Preoday

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