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Popular SaaS onboarding Teardowns

Uncovering the successes and failures of the world's leading software products.

Onboarding Teardown: Todoist

Learn what makes Todoist's design so intuitive and discover how they encourage users to upgrade to Pro.

Onboarding Teardown: Trello

Understand why Trello's user onboarding is both simple and effective.

Onboarding Teardown: Basecamp

See how Basecamp gets users into the product quickly and creates a familiar experience.

Onboarding Teardown: Mailchimp

Watch how Mailchimp guide users through their first user experience and highlight helpful features.

Onboarding Teardown: Hubspot

Learn how HubSpot supports and guides users through a lengthy user onboarding process.

Onboarding Teardown: Pipedrive

See how Pipedrive reduces the barrier to entry and encourages users to complete the onboarding process.

Onboarding Teardown: Dropbox

Learn what makes Dropbox's interface intuitive and convenient for users to navigate.

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