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“Simon’s creative instincts and ability to manage the design process to a point of delivery are second-to-none. He is collaborative, imaginative and technically-skilled.”

— Matthew Goodman, Founder at Map My Health

“Simon’s professionalism, dedication and speed of execution was impressive. He communicated clearly and had great ideas whilst working effectively within the constraints of the brief. The quality of his work exceeded my high expectations.”

— Simon Evans, Product Manager at Preoday

I'm Simon McCade, a product design consultant based in Bristol, England

I always knew that innovation and ideas excited me. New ways of looking at the world and visualising how and why things work are at the core of who I am. Working with startups was inevitable!

Two cities have been central to my success — Carlisle, where I was born and raised, and Bristol where I have honed my career. I bring the straightforward, no-nonsense approach of a Northerner and combine that with the breadth of experience that a modern, vibrant city like Bristol provides.

Since coming to Bristol in 2009, I’ve been both fascinated and welcomed by the local, fast-moving startup scene. I learned the most important principles of working with startups at early stages — collaboration, speed, flexibility, and getting stuff done!

As a designer, I know the profound responsibility I have to the startups I work with. It takes an enormous amount of trust to hire a designer who is going to influence your entire product. Rest assured, I have plenty of experience in designing profitable and successful products.

I also know that finding the right designer means we can accomplish amazing things together.

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My design principles

Collaborate with someone who is easy to work with and has your best interests at heart.

Results focussed

You have business goals you need to achieve. I have the knowledge and expertise to help you design extraordinary digital products that meet those goals.

Open minded

You share ideas about your product. I refine and polish those ideas into powerful, high-fidelity designs that will enhance your users experience.

Adaptable approach

You work in a fast-moving and unpredictable environment. I’m flexible enough to deal with those changes and still meet your deadlines.

Straightforward thinking

You need a simple, clear approach to designing your product. I provide ideas, recommendations, and expert advice to help you achieve that.

User centred design

You want your customers to love your product. I use best practices in UX and UI to create an experience that will delight your users.

Easy collaboration

You seek a designer who can easily fit into your team and workflow. I build a rapport with you and your team to make the design process straightforward for everybody.

Recent collaborations

I’ve enjoyed working with early-stage startups and software companies across the globe. All of which have brought exciting and unique challenges.

Helastel logo design
Clik Software
Map My Health
Preoday logo design
Anana logo design
Speak and Improve
“If you want to work with somebody who understands your aims, objectives and is able to represent them in creative domain, Simon is your man!”

— Iouri Prokhorov, Managing Director at Helastel

“We have used Simon over the last 5 years as an extension to our marketing department. He is very accommodating, often working to tight timescales, and round the clock in order to meet our requirements.”

— Chris Woodward, CEO at Anana

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