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I partner with SaaS companies across the globe, serving as a true extension of your team.


Years experience delivering UX and design services.


SaaS products successfully redesigned or launched.


Clients return because of the value and quality they receive.

Hi, 👋 I'm Simon McCade.

A self-taught product designer based in Newcastle, England. I enjoy working on large-scale products that come with significant design challenges. I'm a tech enthusiast, constantly curious and always learning. I'm also a recovering Manchester United fan.

I recently moved to Whitley Bay with my wife, Katie, and our son, Oscar. Who, despite being only 3 years old, provides sufficient coverage for when I'm on holiday. So, if you need drawings of houses, people, or rainbows, you're in safe hands.
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I don't work for you. I work with 🤝 you.


I collaborate closely with you and your team.


A straightforward approach to design.


Self-motivated with a startup/ownership mindset.


Variety of industry knowledge across different sectors.


Someone who truly understands you and your business.


Attention to detail is everything and ingrained in my DNA.

Don't lose customers due to subpar design.

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