Did you know? 92% of SaaS companies fail miserably within the first three years? It's true, and then founders carry that regret for the rest of their lives, wondering what they could have done differently.

Here's the problem you face...

  • Free trial users don't convert into paying customers
  • New users fail to understand the core value of your product
  • Customers leave and never return with no explanation
  • You spend too much time manually training and setting-up new customers
  • Customers complaining about outdated or complicated design
  • New product features are go unused
  • Inadequate design expertise slows down development
If you've heard of company X or company Y, you know these successful SaaS companies have leveraged user experience design as their competitive advantage. Bad UX has created a serious bottleneck in your business and preventing you from building momentum and growing.

You need to develop a user experience that's on par with your underlying product technology. But you're spinning lots of plates, so you don't have enough time get up to speed on how to turn more trial users into paying customers, and keep them engaged to retain more customers.

Luckily for you, there's now a solution

Let me introduce you, to my dedicated product design services — developed by one entrepreneur for another.

I help SaaS companies (just like yours), design exceptional product experiences that boost product adoption by successfully converting trial users into paying customers, while reducing your churn.

As a result, I've developed a proven, end-to-end design process to identify and resolve UX problems within any SaaS product, costing you customers.

What's in it for me?

SaaS Product Design

Ideal for SaaS companies with aggressive growth targets who need to overhaul their entire product to help them achieve their business goals.

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SaaS User Onboarding

Ideal for SaaS companies who want to drive business growth by improving their user onboarding experience.

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Here's How My “Done For You” Product Design Services Can Help...

  • Remove friction and simplify your sign-up process to create a positive first impression. Make abandonment a thing of the past by creating a product people truly love from the first moment they engage.
  • Improve onboarding to help users reach that “Aha” moment faster and more reliably. Be confident your users finally ‘get’ the true value of your product.
  • Guide new users through their first experience without overwhelming them so they can get familiar with your product. This will mean you can spend less time training new users and more time scaling exponentially.
  • Improve usability so users become more efficient and productive when completing crucial tasks. If you can integrate your product into your typical user's daily workflow, you can keep them coming back for more.
  • Encourage interaction with in-app rewards to keep users engaged for longer. Turning customers into evangelists and securing more word-of-mouth recommendations will help you reduce your marketing spend.
  • Create a rich and intuitive product experience that effortlessly delivers value, giving you a design that adapts to changing user needs so you’re set up for the future.
  • Develop a modern interface design that meets users’ high expectations (and stops you feeling embarrassed about your ugly product).
  • Create a seamless checkout experience that encourages users to upgrade so you can convert more trial users into paying customers. In other words, stop falling at the final hurdle.
  • Finetune and spotlight new features to help users realise your product’s full potential. Give users the features they want so you can avoid wasting time and effort designing ones that go unused.

    Hi, I’m Simon McCade, a product designer helping SaaS companies accelerate growth.

    Over the last decade, I’ve been delivering UX design to help SaaS companies truly move the needle, rather than focusing on superficial and subjective artefacts.

    This means, I've got a deep understanding and a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to design sticky SaaS products.

    Here's How It Works

    Step one

    Schedule a Call

    Getting started couldn't be easier. Simply schedule a call with me at a time that's convenient for you. so we can discuss your project.

    Step two

    Select a Service

    If theres is a good fit between us, we'll decide on the best route forward and choose the service that best suits your requirements.

    Step three

    Get to Work

    We'll begin by discussing your company, your users and product in detail. This enables us to put together an actionable plan for the project.

    Here's What's Included In All My Product Design Services

    As you know, every product is different, which means I tailor my approach to meet your specific needs. If you have a particularly large or complex product then, I'm unable to cover everything.

    However, rest assured that I will cover everything needed to help you turn more trial users into paying customers and reduce customer churn.

    Here's what you can expect:

    • Professional outside perspective on your product's UI/UX
    • Work directly with me throughout our engagement
    • Unlimited access to my time and expertise
    • Highly collaborative approach that galvanises your team
    • Regular progress updates throughout, so you aren’t left in the dark
    • Low-risk, fixed price with no hidden costs
    • Work remotely, so you can hire me wherever you are in the world.
    • Prompt start (subject to availability).
    Are you ready to win (and keep) more users? Skip the trial and error, hire me to get you the best results, fast.

    Ultimate Product Redesign

    Ideal for SaaS companies with aggressive growth targets who need to overhaul their entire product to help them achieve their business goals.

    Deliverables include:

    • Comprehensive review of your product to identify critical design flaws. See example
    • Optimisation of core user flows, so users complete complex tasks with efficiency. See example
    • Low-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes ––Benefit to user––. See example
    • Fully refined interface designs developed from scratch so your product stands out from the competition. ––Benefit to user––. See example
    • UI Style guide to ensure consistency and standardisation across entire product experience. Giving you XXX. See example
    • Dedicated handoff with detailed design specifications and CSS code snippets for swift implementation. See example
    • < 12 week turnaround time so users can experience your new design as soon as possible.

    Additional benefits:

    • Tailored design process to meet your specific needs
    • 4 week contingency following completion for greater peace of mind
    • Professional outside perspective on your products design
    • Spread the cost over instalments as we hit each milestone in the project
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    According to Intercom, between 40-60% of new users use your product once and never return.

    Supercharge User Onboarding

    Ideal for SaaS companies who want to drive business growth by improving their user onboarding experience.

    Deliverables include:

    • Annotated review of every step of your user onboarding process with detailed recommendations. See example
    • Low-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototype to show you exactly how you can improve your onboarding experience. See example
    • Dedicated handoff to your development team to ensure a smooth transition from wireframe to build. See example
    • < 3 week turnaround time

    Additional benefits:

    • Free email follow-up
    • Recommendations on how to track and measure performance
    • Option to upgrade to the ‘ultimate product design’ service when it's convenient for you.
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    Customers who successfully complete user onboarding within 24 hours are 80% more likely to convert.

    These Services Are Not For You If...

    • You haven't found product-market fit and therefore have no existing users
    • You aren't open to new ideas and UX strategies
    • Aren't fully committed to driving business growth with better UX
    • You think design is 'nice to have' luxury and therefore not essential

    Join Other Successful Tech Companies

    “We set out to design a product people love to use on a daily basis and this is exactly what Simon helped us achieve.”

    — Michael Ramos, Founder & CEO at Parqyt

    “Simon's expertise helped us exceed our business objectives. In turn, this contributed to accelerating our growth”

    — Matthew Goodman, Founder at Map My Health

    “Simon really got under the skin of our business and in doing so, had a major impact on our success going forward”

    — Lily Smith, Product Manager at Aitekz Finance

    “As well as being really easy to work with and a great communicator, Simon brought real creativity and commerciality to the project”

    — Simon Evans, Product Manager at Preoday

    Summary of services goes here

    I've been helping SaaS companies just like yours for the last decade, design exceptional product experiences that increase trial-to-paid conversions, and decrease your churn rate.

    As a result, I've developed a proven process to identify and address fundamental UX problems in your web and mobile application.

    Got a Question?

    Feel free to drop me a quick email at studio@simonmccade.com

    I'm available for new engagements from

    Jan 2019

    I'm available for new engagements from
    Jan 2019