Design & Branding Services for Your Startup

I partner with startups at every stage to deliver best-in-class design services to meet every challenge.

What to expect from my design services

MVP. UX. UI. These aren’t just abbreviations, they are the design DNA that your startup needs. I built my design services exclusively for startups. That means:


Understanding the challenges you face and being flexible enough to collaborate, no matter how much things change.


Working closely with you and adapting to feedback to make our relationship as frictionless and trusting as possible.


Focussing on the business goals you want to achieve, and giving you the design capability to meet them.

Product or App Design

Every element of your digital product must appeal to your users. My product and app design service helps startups develop powerful end user experiences that perfectly meet the needs of your customer.

I use the latest thinking and best practice to design, test, and enhance powerful, compelling products and applications.

  • Work with your existing team and collaborate across different development methodologies and frameworks.
  • Develop interactive prototypes as you improve and iterate on your core product or application.
  • Design desktop and mobile app UIs that take advantage of modern visual thinking and interaction, without sacrificing style or substance.
  • Build pattern libraries to create a visual reference guide of design elements for all your interface and development needs.

I'll help you enhance user engagement, reduce friction with customers and develop your digital products in a user-centric way.

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Website Design

Your website must be a joy to use. One of the easiest ways to delight your customers is through creating fast, intuitive and accessible online experiences. My website design service helps startups to tailor that experience to attract more customers and reduce bounce rates.

I use the latest web and mobile design techniques combined with industry-leading thinking to develop powerful, engaging websites for your startup.

  • Develop sitemaps to outline the goals and purpose, this helps understand the flow through your website.
  • Use concept sketching to help you visualise, approve and refine early-stage thinking.
  • Create wireframes to establish an initial structure and hierarchy.
  • Use the latest innovations in Web UI to create beautiful, easy-to-use, reactive websites that work flawlessly across all devices.

I'll help you develop intuitive websites, lower bounce rates and maximise engagement.

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Brand Identity

Branding is more than just a beautiful logo or the perfect colour scheme. It touches on everything about your business, products, and services. It’s how you reach your people and stand above your competitors. My branding service creates a powerful visual identity that helps customers immediately identify the value you provide.

I develop every aspect of your startup’s visual branding, from logos to identity, style guides, and beyond.

  • Research and design a logo that perfectly captures the unique approach, thinking, and visual shorthand behind your business.
  • Develop a complete, consistent, and coherent brand identity that informs every aspect of design, development, products, and services.
  • Create a distinctive visual identity using design elements that mark you as a modern, forward-thinking startup.
  • Write style guides and examples for design guidance throughout your organisation.

I'll help you create a unique identity, stand above your competitors, and develop consistency throughout your offerings.

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My approach to design

I keep things simple, with a collaborative, flexible approach tailored to your needs.


I work closely with you and your team to identify your business strategy, priorities, products, and customers. I focus on the areas that will deliver the most efficient, effective results for your startup — recognition, growth, and revenue.


I combine best practice with the latest thinking to design modern, sleek, beautiful applications and websites. I focus on the user experience to maximise engagement while demonstrating innovation.


I work with you through the entire process, from concept through to delivery and beyond. Expect close collaboration with your development team, data-driven improvements, and a relentless focus on end user satisfaction.

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Learn how my design services can help revolutionise your startups DNA.

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