UX design to help your SaaS company

For your convenience, my best consulting services are offered as low-risk, fixed-price packages. For custom engagements, drop me a line at studio@simonmccade.com.

UX audit

We'll take a deep dive into your SaaS product and determine critical design flaws affecting your growth. You'll get professional advice on how to improve usability of products with simple and quick fixes that will keep customers coming back!

UX Audit starts at £1,500 ($2,100).

'Hands-on' UX/UI design

We'll work together to improve your SaaS product by prioritising areas that will help you retain and engage more users. We do this through wireframes and high-fidelity visual design mockups.

'Hands-on' UX/UI design starts at £3,000 ($4,200) per week.
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Full product design

We'll redesign your entire SaaS product by leading you through a design process tailored to meet your specific needs. Together, we'll enhance the overall experience and generate new revenue. All of this will culminate with a high-fidelity prototype.

Full product design starts at £12,000 ($17,000)
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    We’ll discuss your company’s biggest challenges to see if there’s a good fit between us.
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    Pick a service
    If I know I can provide real value, we can work out the best route forward together.
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    Get to work
    Once we’re aligned, we’ll scope the work out to give us an actionable project plan.

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Graham Clark
Inflo Software
"Simon identified many improvements, and presented those back in an easily digestible format. His recommendations helped potential customers move from signing up to becoming fully paid customers."
James Carter
"Simon helped speed up onboarding and reduce confusion throughout the entire product. The ROI was obvious and significant for our company."
Ruben Guerrero
Jump CX
“Simon understood early on our desire to create a UI/UX experience that would draw in our target users and deliver value very quickly, and this is exactly what he delivered.”
Lily Smith
Aitekz Finance
"Simon really got under the skin of our business and in doing so, had a major impact on our success going forward."
Simon Evans
“As well as being really easy to work with and a great communicator, Simon brought real creativity and commerciality to the project.”
Thomas Young
"As soon as we engaged with Simon, there was no looking back. He designed a product that had three elements: simplicity, intuitiveness and ease of use."
Iain Brogan
Map My Health
"Simon brought a cohesive approach to designing our product, that firmly embedded user experience into the development process, significantly improving our operational efficiency."
April Boulton
Clik Software
"Simon opened our eyes to deficiencies in our design that we had previously not noticed. He's straight to the point, speaks a language you can understand and focused on delivering results."
Andrew Weston
"We needed help and support in turning our clunky product into a simple, easy and user-friendly solution for our customers. The improvements Simon made enabled us to seek early feedback from our customers, helping them convert".
Michael Ramos
“We set out to design a product people love to use on a daily basis and this is exactly what Simon helped us achieve.”

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