A new iOS App to increase an individual’s Mathematical knowledge with an approachable and easy to use interface.


Mathclub is a new take on a learning resource for people looking to increase their Mathematical knowledge. Creating an intuitive and engaging iOS application, I’d establish an approachable brand that would quickly become well-loved.


It was important to go through a discovery phase to identify what the requirements and constraints of creating the App would be. Once these where addressed, I then explored key user journeys via wireframes and focus on human-centred design. I could then look at the creation of a simple and appropriate identity through drawing and sketching.


What has come about, is the inception of a simple and confident user centric design experience that encourages on going engagement on the application. The clean, rounded font provides a warm and friendly logotype; with the identity being born from utilising the standard mathematical symbols +, -, x and ÷. These were manipulated into creating four lines that formed the structure of ‘M’ in Mathclub. A purple colour palette was introduced - known to boost users’ senses of creativity, wisdom and intellect. This is further complemented by the gradient that depicts progression and subconsciously inspires the users to reach new levels within the App.

Mathclub Design Sketches
Mathclub Brand Identity
Mathclub Mobile User Interface Design
Mathclub Brand Design
Mathclub Mobile UI (User Interface) Designs

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