An app that provides an easy way for parents to find a hotel babysitter in the South West.


Working in collaboration with MoreSoda, I was tasked with developing an iOS app that provides parents with a new and easy way to book a hotel babysitter. Through the development of the Hugaa identity, I set out to create an experience that quickly garnered trust from parents and reduced any concerns they might have - making Hugaa a trusted, honest and approachable brand.


Worked alongside MoreSoda to understand the client’s requirements, whilst factoring in how we could exceed their expectations. Drawing up a sitemap was a crucial first step that helped to better gauge the scope of project. This was followed by an exploration and discovery phase to develop an appropriate art direction. 


A platform that provides parents with a selection of experienced and verified babysitters for hotels. Hugaa has a friendly and approachable user interface. This is encapsulated in the simple and stress-free registration process, booking and payment system. The visuals reflect the quality of the service the parents can expect, while creating a balance between new user interest and trustworthiness.  

Designed in collaboration with MoreSoda. Identity designed by George Arnold.

UI (User Interface) Design For Hubaa App
Hugaa Branding
Mobile UI Designs For Hugaa
Mobile UI Design for Hugaa
User Interface (UI) Designs for Hugaa

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