Clik Jobs

A redesign of Clik Jobs existing jobs management app. A simple and easy-to-use experience for all customers.


Clik Jobs customers utilise the jobs management app to centralise their work tasks and communications when their engineers are out in the field. The app ensures that the engineers have all the information they need in order to carry out their day-to-day activities and creates a coherent experience across multiple platforms that meets industry standards. 

Clik Jobs approached me to redesign their existing jobs management app. A key requirement of the redesign was to consider the app’s usability throughout and to offer users the chance to set preferences for greater accessibility and inclusion.


Working closely with the client, we gathered feedback from customers who currently use the existing app. Once the feedback process was complete, it was filtered and consolidated. This helped us understand where best to focus our efforts and what new features would provide the most value. 

An extensive evaluation of the failures within the existing user experience design followed. The creation of wireframes and interactive prototypes helped highlight this and ensure a better workflow. This groundwork helped lay the foundation for the subsequent user interface design. 


Creation of a new graphical user interface (GUI) design language that better enables engineers to help serve customers. A fresh, new innovative approach that builds on the success of the previous (v1) app.

Clik Jobs (v2) is a hybrid cross-platform app that works consistently across iOS and Android, on both mobile and tablets. It offers a simple and easy-to-use experience for all users, including those that are less-technical. New features, that are seamlessly integrated include, a job timer, vehicle checklist and signature summary. 

Clik Jobs User Interface (UI) Mobile Designs
Clik Jobs GUI (Graphical User Interface) Sketching
Clik Jobs Mobile UI (User Interface) Design
User Interface Designs for Clik Jobs
Mobile UI Designs for Clik Jobs App
GUI (Graphical User Interface) for Clik Jobs App
“We began working with Simon late last year. At the time, we were in the process of redeveloping our existing products and wanted to better consider the overall UX/UI. This was an entirely new experience for us and a huge eye opener! The work produced by Simon was above and beyond what we expected. We’d be happy to recommend Simon and are looking forward to working together again in the future.”

April Boulton, Marketing Manager at Clik

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