Increase sign-ups and reduce early abandonment

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Encourage more users to sign-up by creating a positive first impression that converts more visitors.

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How you can use this design pattern

  1. Auto-focus the first form field as a directional cue. This helps direct users and makes that first step, just a little easier.
  2. Remove non-essential fields, every additional input requires more effort to complete and therefore risks abandonment from impatient users.
  3. Enable users to view or hide their password for their convenience.
  4. Provide realtime password progress indicator so users can see how close they are to creating an acceptable password.
  5. Include social proof within close proximity of your form to build trust and credibility. These persuade users the effort it takes to sign-up is worthwhile.
  6. Make sure CTAs are highly contrasted and explain to users what's next upon clicking. This helps set users expectations and avoids confusion.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • Ask users for their payment details before your product has provided any value. This creates an unnecessary barrier to entry and frustrates users.
  • Using Captchas cause user frustration and ultimately deter users. These should only be used as a last report.
  • Include lots of password security rules about the number and type of characters required to create a password. These tend to lead to error messages which kill users motivation.
  • Relying on colour alone to communicate error or success messages. This is less effective because some users will have a degree of colour blindness.
  • Asking users to confirm their email address or password is unnecessary and requires additional effort on the users behalf to complete.
Quettra conducted a study and found that apps lose 77% of users in the first 3 days after the install. The figure jumps to 90% in the first 30 days.

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