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Upgrade more users to higher tiers with simple and clear pricing tables that convert. Don't allow your pricing table to be a bottleneck to growth by stopping users dead in the tracks.

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How you can use this design pattern

  1. Minimise distractions by removing the header and footer navigation.
  2. Soften the price by putting emphasis on benefits and features. This will increase the sense of value a user gets from your product.
  3. Visually separate each plan using different background colours. Place greater emphasis on the plan you want the user to buy.
  4. Use strikethroughs or crosses to show people what they're missing from cheaper plans. This allows users to clearly see the differences between each plan.
  5. Introduce a more expensive plan to make the others appear more affordable. This will make your most popular plan your most appealing plan.
  6. Use a tooltips to show additional details about each feature within the plan.
  7. Keep it neat by sticking to whole numbers instead of pence or cents. The more numbers you use, the more expensive it will appear.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • Don't give users too many options, this will cause decision paralysis.
  • Listing every possible feature in detail. This isn't necessary because most users quickly glance at pricing tables.
  • Not giving the users the option to switch between monthly/yearly billing
According to a study by Hubspot, removing your header and footer navigations in your most critical pages, may lift your conversion rate by 28%.

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