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Great user experiences begin the moment users open your product. Manage users perceptions and exceptions with welcome screens.

Pipedrive's welcome screen if a great example of how to introduce your product to new users.

How you can use this design pattern

  1. Utilise transparent modal windows to reduce anxiety and give users a glimpse of your product.
  2. Use a personalised welcome message to build trust.
  3. Highlight core benefits to remind users why they signed up
  4. Make it compelling and inviting to give users a reason to stick around.
  5. Include obvious ‘Close’ or ‘Skip’ buttons for users to dismiss.
  6. Redirect users to a product tour to help them reach that 'Aha' moment.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • If using a modal window, don't make users scroll. This makes for an awkward first experience.
  • Don't overwhelm users with too much information.
  • Avoid over complicating things by using long multi-step modals that feel drawn out and unnecessary.
Studies by Taylor & Francis suggest you have just 50 milliseconds to make a good first impression.

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