Empty states

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Increase engagement, delight users and improve onboarding with a selection of empty states.

Dropbox Paper provide a great empty state design. The call-to-actions helps users get started without wondering what to do next.

How you can use this design pattern

  1. Include first use empty states when a new users opens your product for the first time and there is nothing to show.
  2. Guide new users by educating them about what to do next.
  3. Inject your brands personality with an image or illustration.
  4. Encourage users to take action with a clear and obvious button.
  5. Use cleared states when users complete actions and the result is a empty screen.
  6. Show error states when something goes wrong.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • Overload empty states with too much information.
  • Give users unclear instructions.
The key to successful onboarding is to get new users hooked during that crucial first few days.

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