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Present data in a quick, easy-to-scan format that allows users to understand at a glance. Create an intuitive dashboard that allows users to comprehend, analysis and action data.

How you can use this design pattern

  1. Help users find information by grouping relevant data together.
  2. Create visual hierarchy by making sure you place emphasis on critical information first.
  3. Make is easier for users to quickly obtain insights by including headlines.
  4. Express information in a meaningful way with bar charts, pie charts and line charts that are easy for users to take action.
  5. Make your charts more visually appealing by keeping them consistent with the design and colour palette.
  6. Provide users with greater flexibility by using a card layout based layout.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • Overwhelm or bore users with too much information
  • Make it difficult for users to interpret the data by using incorrect data visualisation types.
  • Making your dashboard more difficult to use by introducing visual noise or clutter.

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