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The sign up process informs users about the rest of the product experience. Set the right tone for what users can expect.

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How you can use this design pattern

  1. Keep form length to a minimum
  2. Auto-focus the first input field
  3. Give users an option to see their password
  4. Allow social login [Optional]
  5. Use clear and engaging buttons that stand out
  6. Inject your companies personality with illustrations or imagery.

Common mistakes you should avoid

  • Make it difficult for users to remember what data to enter into each form by using placeholders as field labels
  • Ask users for their payment details before you have demonstrated why your product is the best solution to their problem.
Quettra conducted a study and found that apps lose 77% of users in the first 3 days after the install. The figure jumps to 90% in the first 30 days.

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